October 1, 2015 6:30 PM
& September 17, 2015 6:30 PM

Final vote on new hours
Friends of Cabrillo Playground Meet at Clubhouseto discuss request to amend opening and closing hours

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September 9, 2012
December 2, 2012
  Tile Painting Party at Richmond Rec Center. Eleven families show up to paint their tiles.
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June 9, 2012

Sample Tiles for Tile Wall:
  Groundbreaking Ceremony at Cabrillo Playground 10 AM - 3 PM. Bouncy house, Dahlia, and Cake sale. We raised over $1,000 toward our goal of $15,000. Thanks to San Francisco Rec & Park, Supervisor Eric Mar, & SF Parks Alliance as well as San Francisco Fire Department for bringing us the fire truck! Watch video.

February 12, 2012   Financial partnership with San Francisco Parks Alliance
August 27, 2011

Paulina, Devi, Paulina's husband and Jamine. Behind us: the plans for the upcoming renovation

Cabrillo Playground Summertime Event: Devi and the Dahlia society sold dahlias and Judy did facepainting and sold cookies. Rec & Park brings a dalmation to hug & the SFFD provides a firetruck! We earn $728. Thanks to all who particpated.
dhalia garden dhalias2 doggie


July 2011


Devi, Devi, not contrary, how does your garden grow? ...with dhalias all in a row!
April 11, 2011 Civic design review
October - November 2010 Surveymonkey used to query playground users about plans and tennis court design (fence or no fence). Over 100 responses to the design survey and over 40 for the tennis survey. Devi used her laptop and wifi at the playground to get users nput. In the end our design was an amalgam of the 4 plans presented by Rec & Park, including equipment from all 4 plans.
October 27, 2010 Draft of final plan presented to group. Plans are posted at Rec & Park website here. Meeting lightly attended because of World Series game. SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS WIN WORLD SERIES!
August 22, 2010 Third meeting at CPG Clubhouse with Paulina Araica and Jasmine Kaw. Jasmine presents her plans to the group and a spirited discussion ensues. To see the four different designs click here. To fill out a survey based on the designs click here.
August 18, 2010
Second meeting at CPG Clubhouse to discuss remodel with Paulina Araica, project manager. Jasmine Kaw, our designer, was there and some children came to give their input. Below, a photo of Leah drawing her favorite play equipment for Jasmine, Paulina and Charity (not in the picture).
July 14, 2010 First meeting at CPG Clubhouse to discuss remodel with Paulina Araica, project manager.
June - July, 2010 Devi & Charity plant our new Dahlia Garden
April 21, 2010 Meeting at Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse
Presentation by Paulina Araica, Project Manager, Capital Improvement Division, San Francisco Parks Department.
She showed slides with the improvements at neighborng Fulton Playground and the group discussed how we would coordinate community input into the upcoming Cabrillo Playground renovation.
2008-2010 Few meetings held
Most discuss the retaining wall repair and the continued absence of a Cabrillo Playground sign on 38th Avenue (which was stolen in 2008).
September 17, 2008 Meeting at Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse
Sean McGraw, Dan Dickinson and Charity Bermudez (our gardener) from Rec & Park, Sheryl from Park Patrol and 5 members attended. Alicia Wang, who is runnng for District 1 Supervisor also came to hear our concerns.

Agenda: We discussed safety and the opening/clsing of the new gates. Fall programs started last week and Winter session begins the first week of January. We scheduled our next gardening/clean up day for October 18th.
August 20, 2008

Rec/Park has FINALLY installed the new tall gates on 38th Ave and increased the height of the gates on 39th Ave. Park Patrol officers are coming out at night (usually around 10 or 11 PM) and locking the gates so there hasn't been much nighttime activity. However, sometimes the gates aren't unlocked in the morning.

Park Patrol has been out on weekday afternoons citing kids for skateboarding in the playground.

The kids found a crack pipe in the playground a couple of weeks ago (see picture). This was before the gates were replaced, so hopefully whoever was coming into the playground for this purpose can't get in anymore (unless they want to climb the fence).

The retaining wall continues to be an ugly issue. Rec/Park pulled the funding for fixing it and tied the funding to the GO Bond for the General Hospital that will be voted on in November (yes, they can do that). Devi filed a claim with the city attorney's office to keep the issue active, with a Sunshine Ordinance request for all documents pertaining to the wall: they were completely demolishing and replacing the wall next to KC's house (through his yard and to the property line with Devi's yard), but only paving over the easement next to Devi's house. The entire wall is faulty and cracked and why they would ever decide to replace only half of the wall is a mystery. A copy of the claim narrative was sent to Cassandra Costello at McGoldrick's office

In general, the playground doesn't look too bad. The gopher in the 39th Ave. lawn was trapped by Chuck, the head gardener, and most of the irrigation has been fixed. The 39th Ave. lawn is still a weed and poop infested mess, but Rec/Park doesn't want to put any energy or money into it because of the renovation. Charity said that someone has been turning on the sprinklers on the 38th Ave, side, everyday. If you see someone doing this, please tell them not to. The roots of the plants are rotting from being over-watered and it's a huge waste of a valuable resource that we can't take for granted anymore. The few instances of graffiti over the past couple of months have been taken care of by ParkScan reporting and I haven't seen any broken glass on the playground surface. Of course, the crack pipe is a concern.

May 14, 2008 Neighborhood Parks Council Stweardship Luncheon: Devi, Kitty, Judy and Betty attend. We win second place! $1,500 grant money toward our playground. We schedule to meet Meredith in the upcoming week to open a bank account and get a fiscal sponsorship through NPC. Jim Lazarus, from Rec & Park, encourages us to write letters to the commission to get on their agenda to address our security and timeline concerns.
May 1, 2008 Devi & Judy attend Rec & Park meeting and speak out during open comments about the unfarness of the Bond measure timeline.
April 16, 2008

Meeting at Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse. Sean McGrew from Rec/Park talked about summer programming. Suzanne spoke about the upcoming FUF planting. We discussed the parking strips and Steve Landry suggested some landscaping ideas.
April 2, 2008 Devi Joseph wins Safety Network Community Leadership Award for her work with Friends of Cabrillo Playground
March 5, 2008 Meeting at Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse.
Karen Mauney-Brodek from the Rec/Park Planning Division and Lorraine Banford joined us to answer questions about improvements and renovations at Cabrillo Playground, now that the bond measure has passed.

The majority of the dialogue was concerned with our standing in the renovations list and the fact that the southern retaining wall was never addressed by the COMET rating system. For example: Fulton Playground (also in District 1 on 27th Ave.) was given a score on the Poor Physical Condition rating of 45.0. Cabrillo Playground received a Poor Physical Condition rating of 44.1. That's 0.9 points difference, We pointed out that if the southern retaining wall was added to our score, we would have had a higher Poor Physical Condition score than Fulton. Fulton is in Phase 1 of the renovation, while we are in the later Phase 2!

Many neighbors were frustrated that Dawn Kamalanathan of the Rec/Park Planning Division last Fall told us to wait until the bond measure passed and then they would address this oversight. Now we are being told that there is nothing they can do, because the schedule was given to the voters before the bond measure passed.

Others pointed out that while the retaining wall issue needs to be addressed sooner than the start date for the renovations (because of the imminent threat to the neighbors' houses), it makes no sense to rip up the far end of the playground now, and then patch up the concrete, when we are just going to do it again in 12 months' time!

There was a general sense of frustration at this meeting, but Devi said she would follow up with Jake McGoldrick's office and Dawn to see if anything could be done to coordinate the imminent repairs and move up the Bond measure renovation.
February 28, 2008 Rec/Park replaces vandalized tire swing. Hires a gardener!
February 5, 2008
Propositon A Bond Measure Passes with 71.5% of the vote!
Friends of Cabrillo Playground named "Volunteers of the Month" by Neighborhood Parks Council
November 12, 2007
10:00 am
More dangerous trash in the toddler's sandbox including a stick with several nails, broken glass and a 1/4 full bottle of vodka.
November 9-10, 2007 Graffiti painted over and a new coat of paint on playground equipment and benches!
October 30, 2007 New graffiti on walls and clubhouse. Neighbors suspect that there is solicitation going on at Park at night: a used condom is found in the toddler's sandbox area.
October 24, 2007

Container removed from playground! Two big trucks came and took the dangerous and unsightly container away. Lots of trash was found under it, including someone's wallet with driver's license so it can now be returned.
Wednesday October 17

Meeting at Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse.
Sean McGrew from Rec/Park was there to give us an update on our list of health and safety priority issues.
1. The container will be moved within the next two weeks. That should be by Oct. 31, 2007, so if it's there on Halloween, we'll know they are late.
2. The fencing is being evaluated now for replacement. That is ALL FOUR SIDES OF THE PLAYGROUND FENCES. No timeline on this as yet.
3. The YMCA Skateboarding Program will meet here only twice a month rather than every Saturday. The other two Saturdays they will be at Fulton Playground.
4. Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, we will have a playground director. The schedule is: Tuesday through Friday 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Karen McCoy who was the director during the Latchkey Program this summer will be one of the directors, and David Vidrio will be the second director. David is an ex pro soccer player.

A NOTE ON DIRECTORS AND PROGRAMS: Rec/Park is loathe to assign directors to playgrounds unless there are programs scheduled for the playground. They charge for these programs (not much, usually $1-3 per session). It's not like the old days when we just had a director on-site who kept the clubhouse open for the kids to check out equipment or play ping-pong and board games inside. Now directors are assigned on the basis of the number of people participating in programs. We can request programs for children of all ages, adults, and seniors.

Sean handed out a survey for Cabrillo Playground requesting information about when the facility is used, what types of programs we would like to have and contact information. I will send an attachment of this form as a word document that you can fill out and send by e-mail to Sean McGrew: ( Would the kids like a Tiny Tots program? How about tennis, basketball or soccer for the older kids? What about an evening book club or pottery classes for adults? This is our chance to get more out of our playground that an empty spot on the block. It's up to us to utilize it. Please fill out the survey and return it to Sean by e-mail. You can view what types of programs are currently available at

LANDSCAPING: We only discussed the landscaping a little. It is apparent that we need to get some examples before we can seriously discuss landscape design. I will make some excursions and take photographs of nice neighborhood and playground landscaping and then maybe that will give us some ideas.

Saturday, September 22

Clean-up Day! A REALLY big thank-you and a standing ovation to Catherine and Colin Mitsuoka, Judy & TJ Mitchell, Dina, Leah, and Danny, Mark DiGiorgio, Nico Eckhoff and Noah and Marianne Kjobmand from the Rec/Park Volunteer Program for all their hard work and dedication. The playground looks great, much cleaner than before. Thanks Marianne for the use of the tools and the great yummies you brought.

Wednesday, September 19 Sixth meeting at the Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse.
Thursday September 6
2:00 PM,
City Hall, Room 416

The meeting agenda is at The GO Bond measure is #17 on the agenda so it will take a while to get to it (probably after 3:00PM - but who knows).

CABRILLO IS RANKED # 9 IN LINE FOR RENOVATION!!!! To see why click here.
To view the Draft criteria click here. To comment on our ranking or on the criteria used to rank the playgrounds, visit our Blog.

1. Since children are the predominant users of playgrounds, priorities for playground reapirs need to be based on child density not population density

2. Cabrillo has not been given a proper assessment, since the retaning wall damage to adjacent neighbors properties was not included in the COMET report

3. Cabrillo is adjacent to an active fault line, and with the crumbling retaining wall needs to upgraded for seismic reasons (Thank you USGS, NCSN - Northern California Seismic Network and BK - Berkeley Seismographic Stationfor the data, and Dr. Devi for the analysis)

4. The Parks department is not taking into account the number of schools and preschools that use the playground. Population centers may cluster in other parts of the city, but if their kids are being brought into our neighborhood to attend Lafayette and St. Thomas the Apostle, they are using the playground as well
Saturday, August 18
10:00 am - Noon

A BIG thanks and kudos to Vera Rogers, Amy Belkora, Theresa Gee, Dave Hunt, Jocasta Mettling, Bette Matsuoka and Mark DiGiorgio for their hard work. Thanks also go to Alma, Lorrraine and Mark from Rec/Park for bring tools and help. The sun was shining and we all got right down to work, sifting sand, picking up trash, weeding, sweeping the steps. The playground looks fabulous now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Fifth meeting at the Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse.
Maria Morgan-Butchart who led the Freinds of Rochambeau Playground to a successful conclusion and Dawn Kamalanathan from the Planning Division at Rec/Park with updates on the next general obligation bond for neighborhood parks and where we stand. Maria told a great story. She saw the need and she organized her neighborhood, enlisting over 150 concerned neighbors and parents to urge the city to renovate Rochambeau. She explained that they got a graduate student in the UC Landscape Architecture Program to draft a design for their playground so they had a good plan to take to the city. She said that they worked with the Neighborhood Parks Council, who acted as their fiscal sponsor and were there with advice, ideas and support. She strongly urged us to keep onto Rec/Park to get a director for the playground. She said that the help of their director was invaluable. He set up many programs that showed the City and Rec/Park that the playground was used by all age groups, therfore a valuable resource for the neighborhood.

Dawn reported on the status of the project selection criteria for the next bond monies. She said that the election that will include this bond measure will be in February, 2008 rather than June, so be aware and VOTE!

She also said the playgrounds determined to be renovated will actually be included in the wording of the measure (full length version, not what you'll see when you go to vote). The selection criteria and their weights are as follows:
Earthquake Safety...................................20 points
Renovating the most run-down parks............50 points
Considering Parks in Dense Urban Areas.......10 points
Targeting Our Most Versatile Neighborhood Parks......20 points
For a total of 100 points.

We noted that the fifth point in the original draft was a Citywide balance, but both Dawn annd Ron Miguel mentioned that a balance would naturally occur through the political process. In any case, u
Using these criteria and weights, Cabrillo Playground is #9. Given that there are over 200 neighborhood parks in the city, this may sound good, but we have to try to get Cabrillo pushed up the list. Dawn said that there may not even be enough money for 15 playgrounds and the lower we are on the list, the longer we wait. There were some issues that were left out of the COMET report (report by an independent engineering firm, 3D International, that evaluated every playground), namely that the concrete retaining wall on the south side of the playground is cracked and leaning inward, damaging the houses there. Right now we stand at 88.15% (closer to 100% the better).
Saturday July 28, 2007
10:00am to 12 noon
at Jefferson Elementary School

1725 Irving Street (at 18th Avenue)
Representatives from Friends of Cabrillo Playground joined Mayor Gavin Newsom for a community discussion on recreation and parks in San Francisco. We presented him with a copy of our presentation and asked a few questions in a public forum. Of the two playgrounds mentioned at the meeting, Cabrillo Playground came up twice!
Question: Why don't we have a director?
Answer: We'll have one by October, since the Mayor's budget was approved and Parks is hiring new staff.
Our Response: We'll be watching...
Mayor Newsom: So will I!
July 24, 2007
6:30-8:30 pm

Fourth Meeting at Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse. Attendance: 19, including Jake McGoldrick, District 1 Supervisor; Rhoda D. Parhams, Capital Program Manager; Marianne Kjobmand, Rec/Park Volunteer Program; Sean McGrew, Recreation Supervisor; and in a surprise visit Fiona Ma, Assemblywoman, 12th District and State Capitol Majority Whip! Thank you all so much for attending.

We scheduled all future meetings for the third Wednesday of every month and our monthly cleanup day will be the third Saturday of every month.
Saturday July 21, 2007

First "Love Your Playground" Weekend Cleanup Event
A big thanks and a standing ovation goes to the Mitsuoka family (Tim, Catherine, Phillip, and Colin) and to Luke Collier for their hard work on Saturday sifting sand for glass, raking leaves, and picking up trash around Cabrillo Playground. Also a big thanks goes to Marianne and Will from the Rec/Park Volunteer Services office for their help and the use of their tools. We started work at around 10 AM and were done by about 12. In that time we sifted and raked the sand in the toddler's sandbox and raked the lower sandbox for leaves. Luke circumnaviagted the playground picking up litter, bottles, etc. It looks A LOT better.

Above, a collection of glass from the toddler's sandbox
June 23, 2007

Rec/Park was at the playground with an 8 person crew trimming hedges, weeding, and generally cleaning up the playground. They reduced the height of the hedges on 39th avenue by about a foot and removed the hedge entirely near the water fountain so the police can shine lights in at night (the police requested that the hedge be shortened). On 38th avenue, they trimmed the hedges, weeded and made the area look great. They trimmed alot of the ivy in the toddlers sandbox. All this is due to Lorraine Banford's hard work to get Cabrillo cleaned up.
You can e-mail her at to thank her (be sure to cc her bosses and
Way to go, Lorraine!!


June 18, 2007
6:30-8:30 pm

Third meeting of the Friends of Cabrillo Playground at the Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse. Website unveiled.

Presentation by Dawn Kamalanathan from the Parks Department on what we can do to help the Bond Criteria Project Selection and get Cabrillo Playground on the list for future capital improvements.
June 3, 2007 goes on line
May 30, 2007: Rec/Park Department held an open house for District 1. The open house was held at the Richmond Recreation Center (251-18th Ave.) from 7 to 9 PM. We got offers from the Capital Improvements planning people and Ron Miquel of the Neighborhood Planning Association has offered to help us get ready for the Bond measure that is up next year.
May 8, 2007:
The second meeting of Friends of Cabrillo Playground was held at the Cabrillo Playground Clubhouse to discuss means to improve the athletic fields and facilities and secure the playground against vandalism, which has been an on-going problem. The meeting was convened by Barbara Lynn of SAFE who introduced Lt. Mario Delgadillo of the SFPD to answer questions and concerns about the playground. Lt. Delgadillo reported that there had been 46 calls from residents about the playground in April alone.
April 3, 2007:
The first meeting of the Friends of Cabrillo Playground was held at the Senior Citizens Center on Fulton at 37th Ave. The meeting was convened by Barbara Lynn of SAFE, assisted by Lorraine Banford, Rec/Park Dept. Justin Rojas, liaison to the Mayor for District 1 and Colleen Flynn of the Neighborhood Parks Council also attended. Neighbors voiced their concerns over the state of Cabrillo Playground and requested information on how the neighborhood can correct the problems. Jason, of the 800 block of 39th Ave. also introduced the idea of requesting a stop sign and crosswalk at the corner of 39th Ave. and Fulton.